It could be said that Vancouver and Richmond residents were eating local before local was popular. With an abundance of farmer’s markets and fresh produce throughout the year, it’s easy to pick up local food wherever you are located in Vancouver. If you add to that mix the fact that local seafood is the only kind of seafood that most residents eat, you’ve got some of the freshest cuisine in the country.What’s currently happening with Vancouver’s local food scene? Take a look!

Spilling the Beans

Third wave coffee is what you’ll want to seek out if you are a coffee lover. What is third wave coffee? Baristas serving up third wave lattes and cortados aren’t just there to make a dollar. These coffee extremists often compete in shows, take latte art to a new level, and are serious about creating the perfect cup. Where Folgers might be considered “first wave,”  and Starbucks could be considered “second wave,” local Vancouver coffee houses like Revolver (325 Cambie St) are at the top of the third wave coffee chain.

 Urban Farming

If you had asked someone to point out an urban farm merely five years ago, that person might have looked at you with a puzzled expression. Now, Vancouver boasts more than 15 urban farms in the city core alone! Why should you care? Urban farming brings the concept of local farming to a whole new level - quite literally. Most of these farms are set high up on rooftops above the city where everything grown on those rooftops is local.

When you’re eating local produce grown on a rooftop, you’re eating food that is both healthy and often free of chemicals that are used by massive farms located elsewhere. You can easily sign up for any of the urban farm options that exist in Vancouver like Sole Food Farms located throughout the city or Fresh Roots. Not only will you know where your food is coming from, but you’ll also notice that food farmed in your city just tastes better!

 Our Local Contribution

Our mission at Steveston Seafood House is to bring you the freshest local ingredients possible. How fresh? We’ve just teamed up with Yummy Yards - an urban farming initiative here in Richmond. As you’re reading this Yards is tending to our special spring mix that will be used in all of our salad dishes when it has fully grown. Throughout the year, we will be purchasing more produce from Yummy Yards as well, so make sure to stay tuned to our blog to see how our veggies are growing!

You can purchase fresh produce from Yummy Yards too. Gardners Adam and Chelsea are working hard to grow all kinds of produce, so make sure to sign up on the Yummy Yards site to receive your fresh and local urban produce basket, or come into Steveston Seafood House to taste our greens once they are done growing - you can’t get much fresher than this!