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Our New Tastebud Tempting Desserts!

You may already know that we serve the best and freshest locally caught seafood you can find at the Steveston Seafood House, but did you know that we are constantly updating our dessert menu too? If you’re the type of person that begins with dessert first, you’re going to love the new additions to our dessert list - take a look at these tastebud tempting creations.

Peanut Butter Bomb

A Buck a Shuck Is Back!

At the Steveston Seafood House, we know that you love oysters just as much as we do. That’s why we are bringing back our popular ‘buck a shuck’ days. During this time of year, you can visit the Seafood House and grab any of the following varieties of fresh oysters for just one dollar - get them while you can!


Chef Creek: these oysters are full of creamy flavor, have an ivory meat that’s as pure as they come, and a dark blue mantle. These are for the serious oyster lover!

Our Four Course Menu: Flavors From Around the World

There are so many different flavors in the world to experience. From spices that are unlike the ones you may use every day to foods that are prepared in a whole new way, the world has a lot to offer the true foodie.

At Steveston Seafood House, we enjoy exploring foods from around the globe and preparing our fresh and local products in a way that you’ve never tasted before -- this is the inspiration behind our new four course menu, and we know you are going to love it!

Spot Prawns Now Until Mid-June

If you have been into the Steveston Seafood House lately, you may have noticed that we now have Spot Prawns on our menu. We’re excited to offer these seasonal prawns to all of our customers, and we know that you are going to enjoy the delicate flavor of this May-June favorite.

What’s a Spot Prawn?

Spot Prawns are a type of shrimp that can be found in B.C waters. These prawns are the largest species of prawn found in Canada, and they are incredibly popular with anyone that loves shrimp. Why? The flavor of the spot prawn is both sweet and delicate, but the texture of the prawn is firm enough to be completely satisfying.

Vancouver's Local Food Scene Stands Out

It could be said that Vancouver and Richmond residents were eating local before local was popular. With an abundance of farmer’s markets and fresh produce throughout the year, it’s easy to pick up local food wherever you are located in Vancouver. If you add to that mix the fact that local seafood is the only kind of seafood that most residents eat, you’ve got some of the freshest cuisine in the country.What’s currently happening with Vancouver’s local food scene? Take a look!

The Slow Food Movement

When you enter the Steveston Seafood House, you may notice that life slows down a bit. We encourage our diners to take their time, and enjoy a real dining experience complete with local fresh food. The atmosphere that is created by offering our diners a slower food experience coincides with a worldwide movement to provide people with food that tastes better, is fresher, is responsible, and doesn’t come from a fast food window. 

Dining Out for Life Fundraiser

Dine Out of Life Vancouver CharityOn Thursday, March 26th, The Steveston Seafood House will take part in an important fundraiser that helps people suffering from AIDS living in our community. The annual 'Dining Out For Life' fundraiser includes support from more than 200 restaurants in both the US and Canada, including The Steveston House.

By donating 25% of our food sales this coming Thursday to two local charities 'Friends for Life' and 'A Loving Spoonful', we hope to better the lives of those people that need our help the most. How much of an impact can 25% of our daily profit make? To put it into better perspective, one couple that spends $70 at The Steveston House this Thursday will be able to provide food for 5 people living with AIDS.

Why We Support the Ocean Wise Program

Ocean Wise LogoOverfishing is a huge problem. So huge that many types of fish and other marine species are on the brink of extinction due to commercial fishing practices. It is estimated that a massive 90% of larger predatory fish have already been eliminated from overfishing.

Not only are we depleting certain species in the name of food, we are also needlessly catching and discarding species that are accidentally caught through industrial fishing methods. While it’s hard to bring back species that are now extinct, there is something that we - and you - can do to prevent further marine destruction.

Four Course "Dine Out" Special


The vision at Steveston Seafood House is for every guest to be treated as if they're a member of our family. You see it in our service, the food and the warm inviting atmosphere. Every time you walk into our restaurant we want you to feel as if you've truly come home.

Four Course "Dine Out" Special

We have a special offer of our four course "dine out" menu now $35 and available until April 15th. Start with your appetizer of either a Beef Carpaccio made from only AAA graded Filet Mignon along with capers, baby arugula, shaved parmigiano and a hint of truffle oil or Coconut Prawns handpicked for freshness and quality before we ever put them on your plate. Next is a house green salad, made of only the freshest ingredients and get your palate ready for your main course entrée.