If you have been into the Steveston Seafood House lately, you may have noticed that we now have Spot Prawns on our menu. We’re excited to offer these seasonal prawns to all of our customers, and we know that you are going to enjoy the delicate flavor of this May-June favorite.

What’s a Spot Prawn?

Spot Prawns are a type of shrimp that can be found in B.C waters. These prawns are the largest species of prawn found in Canada, and they are incredibly popular with anyone that loves shrimp. Why? The flavor of the spot prawn is both sweet and delicate, but the texture of the prawn is firm enough to be completely satisfying.

Our spot prawns are caught sustainably and prepared perfectly, so that you can really taste the delicate flavor of these shrimps. Fresh spot prawns (the only kind that we serve!) are only available from the start of May to mid-June. If you are eating spot prawns after this time, there’s a good chance that they are frozen unless the season is extended (which can happen occasionally due to environmental factors).

How to Eat Spot Prawns

These are some of the easiest shrimp to eat! Simply peel back the shell, and bite into the delicate and sweet meat. There’s nothing more to it! B.C spot prawns are the best in the world - and we have them tonight for dinner. If you haven’t tried our spot prawns yet, make sure to book a reservation at Steveston Seafood House before they are all gone!

Call tonight to book your spot!