When you enter the Steveston Seafood House, you may notice that life slows down a bit. We encourage our diners to take their time, and enjoy a real dining experience complete with local fresh food. The atmosphere that is created by offering our diners a slower food experience coincides with a worldwide movement to provide people with food that tastes better, is fresher, is responsible, and doesn’t come from a fast food window. 

What Is Slow Food? 

The Slow Food Movement was founded by Carlo Petrini during the 1980s. Petrini was part of an activist group that wanted to provide people with real food, the pleasure that comes from food, and a way of life

Carlo Petriniwas much slower than the one he saw unfolding. During the early 1980s, Slow Food was still a foreign concept to most people. Today, there are millions of people and restaurants participating in the Slow Food movement in more than 160 different countries around the world. 

Even though the premise of Slow Food is centered around the concept that food should be served slowly and enjoyed thoroughly, there is more to this movement as well. Based on the Slow Food philosophy, any food purchased, eaten, or served should also be responsible. What does it mean to eat and serve responsible food? 

The Definition of Responsible Food

Food has to come at a price that consumers can afford. All people should be able to purchase fresh and local food without paying very high prices. Likewise, all people that grow this food should be compensated equally and fairly. There’s also the environmental factor to consider. Things like overfishing lead to irresponsible food. Depleting any kind of natural resource in order to eat isn’t part of the Slow Food philosophy. Why does it matter? 

Ocean WiseIf populations keep taking from the same source without replenishing that source, eventually the source will dry up. This is currently happening with the fishing industry where irresponsible methods of catching fish are causing entire species to become extinct. Steveston Seafood House tries to do its party by participating in the Ocean Wise project that supports local and sustainable seafood. Restaurants and large corporations that are on board with the sustainability movement is vital to keeping resources plentiful, but you can do your part to participate in the Slow Food movement too. 

How to Become Part of the Movement

Consumers like you are a vital part to the Slow Food process. You can help this movement by purchasing local food, growing some of your own food (you can even grow a rooftop garden!), and eating at restaurants like the Steveston House that are an active part of the community. It’s also important to know where the food that you are buying comes from. If you are eating an apple, do you know where it was picked and where it is from? Are you supporting a local farmer by eating that apple, or could you eat fruit that’s in season where you are instead? These kinds of questions are what keep movements like the Slow Food movement alive, and they are essential to spreading the word about local and sustainable foods. 

There’s something else that you can do too. By telling other people about your new food philosophy, you can spread the world about Slow Food. Invite someone to dinner, or bring them into the Steveston House to experience the difference between local food and fast food. Educating the people around you is one of the fastest and most effective ways to help a very important movement like this one grow. You’d be surprised at how many people will want to take part! 

Dine With Us

At the Steveston House, food is important to us. Not just how that food is served and prepared, but also Slow Foodwhere it comes from. We think that you’ll see just how much we honor and prize local food when you come into our restaurant for a dining experience that you won’t forget. We’re proud to take part in sustainability efforts, and to pass the incredible taste of local food on to you. 

From the moment that you walk into our restaurant, you’ll feel like life has slowed down - doesn’t that sound nice? From taking your time to enjoy your meal to learning all about where you food came from, dining with us is more than a night out - it’s an experience! Call tonight to book a reservation. We can’t wait to show you just how much we love the food that we serve.