Dine Out of Life Vancouver CharityOn Thursday, March 26th, The Steveston Seafood House will take part in an important fundraiser that helps people suffering from AIDS living in our community. The annual 'Dining Out For Life' fundraiser includes support from more than 200 restaurants in both the US and Canada, including The Steveston House.

By donating 25% of our food sales this coming Thursday to two local charities 'Friends for Life' and 'A Loving Spoonful', we hope to better the lives of those people that need our help the most. How much of an impact can 25% of our daily profit make? To put it into better perspective, one couple that spends $70 at The Steveston House this Thursday will be able to provide food for 5 people living with AIDS.

Why Food Donations Matter

Nutrition is vital when it comes to maintaining health while fighting AIDS. Most people that are suffering from AIDS do not gain the proper nutritional support, but charities like 'A Loving Spoonful' and 'Friends for Life' make sure that those suffering receive the most nutritious meals possible. These charities can't do it alone, though, and that's where restaurants like The Steveston House can help - and you can too!

A Loving Spoonful Vancouver Charity

 All you have to do is eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner at The Steveston House on Thursday, and a portion of your bill will automatically be given to 'A Loving Spoonful' and 'Friends for Life'. One day of donations from The Steveston House makes a huge difference when it comes to feeding more mouths, and profits from many different BC restaurants combined will change lives.\A Large Issue in BC

At the last census taken in 2009, 69,000 people in Canada were living with AIDS. Around 18,000 of those people were living in BC. That’s nearly 30% of the BC population. AIDS doesn’t just impact men either, as is commonly thought. This is a disease that changes the lives of men, women, and even children.

While not a cure, nutrition is one of the biggest factors in the lives of people that are living with AIDS, but most people do not have proper nutritional counseling, or cannot afford to purchase and consume nutritional meals. This is where charities like 'A Loving Spoonful' and 'Friends for Life' make a strong impact.

The Charities

Friends for Life Vancouver CharityIf you choose to dine at The Steveston House this Thursday, your money will go towards helping both 'The Vancouver Friends for Life' foundation, and 'A Loving Spoonful' society. The Vancouver Friends for Life foundation provides not only nutritious meals to AIDS patients, but also important mental and spiritual help and guidance through courses like music therapy, yoga, and end of life care. 'A Loving Spoonful' is a non-partisan society that has served more than 100,000 meals to people suffering from AIDS. Further, this charity also provides nutrition education to AIDS victims through nutritional counseling. Just by eating a local, sustainable, and delicious meal at The Steveston House this Thursday, you can help both of these charities continue to grow and continue to provide help to those that need it most.

How You Can Help

Throughout the last 20 years, Dine Out for Life has managed to raise more than $200,000 to help support, nourish, and feed people that are suffering from AIDS. We have supported this cause for the last 8 years, and our goal is to raise $1500 to give to these deserving charities this Thursday night.

Come and help us reach our goal - in return you'll get the peace of mind knowing that you made a difference in your community, and a delicious meal that we promise you’ll love every bite of!